Herbal Moon Goddess

Herbal magick, rituals, moon alignment


Join me for monthly workshops in Tamworth, NSW.

Moon Circles

Join us for the next Full Moon Circle for a magical evening of rituals, intention setting and letting go.

Next full moon circle: Sunday 19th May @ 11:11 Yoga Studio, Tamworth


Herbal Magic

Learn how to make your own smudgestick, dream pillow, and other magical uses for herbs

Sabbat Rituals

Celebrate the sabbats together as we journey through the wheel of the year.

Weekly Herbal Moon Insights

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Weekly Herbal Moon Insights 19th May 2019

Weekly Herbal Moon Insights for week starting 19th May 2019.   Our week starts with the full moon - there's so much energy in the air, but as we approach the end of the week you'll be slowing down and resting more.   Sunday 19th May: Today (or yesterday,...

Weekly Herbal Moon Insights 12th May 2019

Weekly Herbal Moon Insights for week starting 12th May 2019.   As the moon grows fuller, it's the perfect time to take action towards your intentions + see what manifests in your life.   Sunday 12th May: The moon is at the first quarter today, which is the...

Weekly Herbal Moon Insights 5th May 2019

Weekly Herbal Moon Insights for week starting 5th May 2019.   We're starting our week with the new moon in Taurus - it's the perfect time to set your intentions and align yourself with your true values.   Sunday 5th May: Today (or yesterday, depending where...



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