Make 2021 a magickal year!

Add a touch of magick to the year ahead by aligning with the moon…

Following the moon phases and astrological energies has changed my life. This journey of working with the moon cycle has allowed me to tap into my manifesting powers, discover more about myself, and take time out for ME.⠀
I’ve designed the 2021 Moon Planner to help you do the same ✨
Something magickal happens when we align with the moon cycle. There’s a shift in energy. We learn when to push forward, or when to surrender & let go. We open ourselves to receiving magick.

Inside the 2021 Moon Planner

The 2021 Moon Planner will guide you through the lunar cycle plus other astrological events, day by day, so you can make the most of this magickal energy. Discover how to work in alignment with these cosmic shifts with the rituals, journal pages & wisdom in this book.

This planner guides you through the moon phase + sign for every single day of 2021. You’ll discover exactly when the moon is void of course (times when you should avoid scheduling important meetings or events), when planets go into retrograde, and when each of the sabbats occur (dates included for both Northern & Southern Hemispheres).

You’ll also be guided through intention setting, goal setting, and incorporating a bit of magick into your year.

Never miss a full moon, retrograde or sabbat again!

The full details

I know buying a planner can be a big decision, as you’ll be using it all year long! Here’s the details of the 2021 Moon Planner:

+ Week to view.

+ Hardcover book.

+ Monthly sections for intention setting, gratitude, reflection.

+ Year ahead planning.

+ Information on how to work with the moon.

+ Daily information for the moon phase, zodiac sign, and exact times of when the moon is void of course.

+ Times are displayed in UTC, with notes on how to convert to your own timezone.

+ Year end reflections & releasing.

+ Monthly pages for selecting a crystal, herb & oracle/tarot card to work with.

+ Times & dates of each new and full moon.

+ Sabbat dates for both Northern & Southern Hemispheres.