Align your energy

so you can manifest your deepest dreams!

Hi, I’m Kyra!


I’m an astrologer, tarot reader, yoga teacher, herbalist, and homeschooling mum of 4. I started my journey into moon magic & manifesting after my third baby was born.

My moon rituals gave me a sense of purpose, a way to reclaim my power & discover who I was, apart from just a mum.

I started setting intentions each new moon. I kept a journal specifically for my intention setting ritual, and I loved actually setting goals & intentions for myself (rather than an endless to-do list of household chores). Then each new moon, I would review my intentions from the previous month, and I soon began to see how POWERFUL new moon rituals are.

From here I dived deeper into various studies, becoming a qualified herbalist & yoga teacher, and eventually began reading tarot cards & astrology charts for clients.

I love spending my time in my garden growing medicinal herbs, playing bass guitar, and contemplating how the current positions of the planets are affecting people & situations in my life.



I want to help YOU discover how you can tap into the manifesting magic of the moon too.

Discover your intuitive power.

Bring more magic & meaning into your life.

Find your inner witch.

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Kyra Howearth is an astrologer, card reader, herbalist, yoga teacher, intuitive healer & business mentor. She helps you align your energy so you can manifest your dream life into reality. Kyra is a homeschooling mumpreneur of 4 children, currently living in Tamworth, Australia.