About Herbal Moon Goddess

Find out about me & my mission


I’m Kyra – the Aussie witch behind Herbal Moon Goddess.

I’ve always been drawn to witchcraft – I remember eyeing off a Love Spells book at the local bookshop when I was young and trying to replicate the spells at home. I remember dressing up as a witch for Halloween. I made potions in my “lab”.

As I grew older, I turned to gothicism and vampire fiction.

As a career, I chose to be a herbalist.

But it wasn’t until I was nearly 30 that I realised, I’m actually a witch.

But I felt a great disconnect from what I knew as witchcraft. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, a lot of what we know as witchcraft is based on the Northern Hemisphere witchcraft history. For example, Halloween isn’t widely celebrated or acknowledged here in Australia – and it FEELS different. Halloween (October 31st) is in Spring in the Southern Hemisphere – there’s no pumpkins or spider webs or autumn leaves.

Instead, it’s more seasonally appropriate for us to celebrate Halloween (or Samhain) around April 30th.

My mission is to connect Australian + other Southern Hemisphere witches and provide seasonally accurate information so we can practice our craft with ease.

My greatest passion is bringing together local witches (and the occasional warlock) for moon circles, rituals and Sabbat celebrations. You can join me for a workshop here.


Why “Herbal Moon Goddess”?


As a herbalist, I obviously have a great passion for herbs – for both physical & metaphysical purposes.

Working with herbs, in some way or other, is my life’s purpose.

I’m also a big follower of the moon and have been aware for many years the effects of the moon + her cycle.

The biggest parts of my practice are combining the powers of herbs + utilizing the power of the moon.

The word “Goddess” calls to me in a way that I can’t explain, but funnily enough I got a tattoo when I was 18 – totally spur of the moment – which is Japanese for “goddess”. I believe all women are goddesses, and we should treat ourselves as such.

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