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Kyra Howearth is an astrologer, card reader, herbalist, yoga teacher, intuitive healer & business mentor. She is a mumpreneur who homeschools her 4 children in Tamworth, Australia.

Hi, I’m Kyra!

The creator and High Priestess at Herbal Moon Goddess.

My journey with moon magic, manifestation, and intuitive readings began after I had my third baby. This new, unknown way of life–working with the moon–gifted me with a whirling sense of purpose. Essentially, I was guided down a moon-lit, unbeaten path as a way to reclaim my inner power. Outside of being a mum. 

It was through the moon that I discovered who truly was.

An astrologer, tarot reader, yoga teacher, herbalist, and of course, a homeschooling mum of 4.

How I Started Working with The Moon

I started by setting intentions for each new moon. I kept a journal specifically for my intention setting ritual, and turned out I loved actually setting goals and intentions for myself (rather than an endless to-do list of household chores). Then each new moon, I would review my intentions from the previous month, and I soon began to see something amazing…

… the POWER behind working with the moon


From here I dived deeper into various studies, like tarot, yoga, and meditation. I became a qualified herbalist & yoga teacher, and eventually grew my tarot practice into reading tarot cards and astrology charts for clients.

From there, I began helping people across the world. Over 40 thousand people follow me on Instagram for moon guidance and other tips on awakening your intuition. I even offer free meditations that have thousands of plays and great praise!

All of these goals I’ve achieved by learning to work alongside the moon’s powerful energy.

When I’m Not Working

When I’m not recording new podcast episodes, reading for a client, or teaching at the Herbal Moon Goddess Academy, I love spending my time in my garden, growing medicinal herbs, and playing bass guitar. Whilst I’m in the garden, I enjoy contemplating how the current positions of the planets are affecting people & situations in my life.

It’s my goal to help YOU discover how you can tap into the powerful, manifesting magic of the moon. Just like I did.


With Herbal Moon Goddess you can…

  • Discover your intuitive power.
  • Bring more magic & meaning into your life.
  • Find your inner witch.


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