Welcome to the Herbal Moon Goddess Academy Intuition Mini Course!

Day 1

Welcome to the Herbal Moon Goddess Goddess Academy INTUITION MINI COURSE.

Over these next few days, I’ll be guiding you through deepening your intuition so you can tap into your innate abilities to intuitively read tarot cards & astrology (plus so much more!).

In today’s lesson, I’m sharing my top tips for awakening your intuitive awareness:

1. Meditation: a regular meditation practice will enhance your intuition. You can do still-mind meditation, or listen to a guided meditation or meditation music. Aim to meditate daily for best results – even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes. Make it easy for yourself!

2. Crystals: carry or wear crystals daily to raise your vibrations & awaken your intuitive abilities. Some of my personal favourites for awakening the intuition are moldavite (not for the inexperienced – I know there’s a lot of hype around this amazing crystal lately, but be sure you’re ready for the transformative powers of moldavite), amethyst, iolite, lapis lazuli, moonstone & celestite. TIP: Look for purple crystals (associated with the third eye chakra).

But most importantly, learning how to TRUST your intuitive nudges will keep your intuition strong. Follow those impulses & gut instincts! The more you “tune in” to your intuition, the easier it will become.



1. Meditate today. I’ve included a meditation track below for you to use, but you are free to meditate however you feel called.

2. Carry or wear a crystal with you today (bonus points if it’s an intuition-awakening crystal!). Connect with the energy of your crystal, become aware of what properties it can offer you, and perhaps program your crystal with an affirmation.