Welcome to the Herbal Moon Goddess Academy Intuition Mini Course!

Day 2

Welcome back to the Herbal Moon Goddess Goddess Academy INTUITION MINI COURSE.

Today we are diving straight into a crash course on reading tarot (or oracle) cards INTUITIVELY.

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It helps to have a basic understanding of the framework of the tarot deck, ie. what each of the numbers/court cards/suits mean. That way, even if you don’t know the meaning of that EXACT card, you can get a grasp of what the card is about by combining the numerology & suits (elements).

There’s a cheatsheet for you to download & print HERE.

Another way to intuitively read the cards is by looking at the symbolism in the card illustration. Look at the colours, what are the people doing in the card, what other symbols can you see ie. animals, plants, buildings, objects.

Don’t be afraid to MAKE IT UP. There is NOTHING WRONG with pulling a card and feeling intuitively what it means (even if what you feel intuitively doesn’t align with what your guidebook might say!).

An easy way to gain more confidence with reading the cards intuitively is to start a daily tarot ritual. Pull a card each day (I love to do my tarot ritual in the mornings when I’m setting my goals & writing my horoscope for the day ahead). Try to intuitively interpret what that card means for you for that particular day. I like to ask the cards, “What do I need to do today?” or “What do I need to know today?”.



1. Start by pulling out your favourite deck (it can be a tarot or oracle deck) and practice intuitively reading the cards. You could begin a daily tarot ritual and journal your intuitive interpretations each day.

2. If you’d like to deepen your understanding of the tarot, download the cheatsheet here and discover the meanings behind the numbers & suits of the tarot minor arcana cards.

Did today’s lesson provide insights into reading cards? There’s so much more to learn – this is just the beginning.

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