Welcome to the Herbal Moon Goddess Academy Intuition Mini Course!

Day 3

Welcome back to the Herbal Moon Goddess Goddess Academy INTUITION MINI COURSE.

Today we are exploring your astrology chart, and you’ll get to know your big 3 (sun, moon & rising signs) and what they mean about you.

Astrology is basically intuitive wordplay. Once you gain an understanding of the energies of the planets, zodiac signs and houses, you can use your intuition as to how you word & explain it. So as we’re working through this lesson, please feel free to use your intuition. Go with what feels right for you!

So first up, you’ll need your astrology chart. If you don’t already have a chart (or know your sun, moon & rising signs), you can get a free chart from astro.com – be sure your birth details are accurate (especially the time of birth), as rising signs change every 2.5 hours approximately. If you don’t know your exact time of birth, that’s ok! Your sun sign & moon sign should still be *fairly* accurate.


Your sun sign describes your inner essence. By leaning into the energy of your sun sign, you’ll find it easier to express yourself.


Your moon sign describes your emotional landscape. By leaning into the energy of your moon sign, you’ll feel more emotionally safe & secure.


Your rising sign, also known as your ascendant, describes your external mask, the way you portray yourself to others. You may dress and act like your rising sign. Your rising sign also describes the role you play, or the work you feel best doing for a living.

An easy way to understand all this is:

“I am a (sun sign), I feel like a (moon sign), and I act like a (rising sign)”

Find your sun, moon & rising sign on your chart then work through the worksheet to discover what they mean for you.



1. Bring up your astrology chart, making sure your birth details are as accurate as possible. If you don’t already have a birth chart, you can get a free chart at astro.com

2. Download the worksheet to explore the energies of the zodiac signs, and what that means for your sun, moon & rising signs.