Discover what this full moon will bring you…

Curious about how this full moon will affect you? Would you like to discover how to use this full moon energy to it’s highest potential?

Full moons are a powerful time in the lunar cycle when you can release what no longer serves you, experience deep healing, and welcome abundance into your life.

You can go DEEP into this energy to find out EXACTLY what this full moon energy will bring you so you can tune into the full healing potential of this moon phase.

In your Full Moon Reading, you’ll receive:

  •  a personalized astrology forecast for the full moon
  • a 3-card tarot reading to answer your questions for this full moon
  • PLUS personalized journal questions to help you explore what this full moon means for you

Your Full Moon Reading is delivered as a 10+ page digital report, containing easy to understand & ACTIONABLE information so you can use this full moon energy to help you work towards your true desires.


Welcome to your personal guide for this full moon!

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What are your messages from the Universe for this full moon?

What are the stars guiding you towards?

Discover what’s coming up for YOU during the upcoming full moon in this digital report.


In your Full Moon Reading report, you’ll receive:

+ 1 x 3-card tarot reading, answering your questions or giving you guidance for this full moon

+ Personalized astrology reading, finding your focus for this full moon & any other astrological events which are occurring for you around this time

+ Journal questions specifically written for YOU so you can dive deeper into this full moon


– It’s your personal guidebook + journaling ritual for this full moon –


What others are saying…

This is perfect, thank you so much! It is honestly so spot on with everything going on right now.
Thank you so much for creating this full moon reading for me. Sending you love, light and healing vibes Kyra! 
Mikayla R.

Wow! This was my first time having someone else read cards for me and I’m so pleased 🥰. I really resonated with your reading and you totally nailed it!

Thank you so much for giving me such a meaningful reading 💕 I am really glad I chose you for my first time. I loved how it felt like I was getting advice from a friend, and you are truly great at it 🙌. The journal questions are also a really special, extra touch. They give me a way to get the most out of this awesome full moon forecast!
Thank you again, you are superb!! 🌟
Jessica B.

Hi Kyra! 
Thank you for such a beautiful reading! I was going to try and wait for the full moon to open and read it but I have no self control! 
Those cards and the reading were so spot on for where I’m at and what I’m dealing with, it was very special and affirming to see those messages reflected in the reading 🙂 
Thank you so much,
Emily W.

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The next full moon is the Full Moon in Virgo on 27th February 2021.

This full moon in Virgo coincides with a lucky angle being made by Jupiter & the North Node of Future Destiny. The changes you make in your life with this full moon will help you move forward to a life of joy + abundance.

Your Full Moon Reading will go deep into what this full moon means for YOU.

+ What area of your life is coming full circle right now?

+ What steps do you need to take to move towards your greater potential?

+ How can you manifest abundance, happiness & luck this full moon?

It’s all written in the stars.

Book your Full Moon Reading now to discover how to work with this full moon energy…