Do you feel disconnected from your spiritual practice?

Do you want to feel better in your mind, body & spirit?

Are you committed to making healthy changes in your life?

You’re in the right place…

Flow With The Moon is the 4-week lunar-aligned yoga wellness program developed by spiritual teacher, Kyra Howearth.

You know you need to do more yoga & meditation, because you already KNOW it makes you feel amazing.

I’ll help you stay on track with your spiritual practice with accountability, support & HOURS of play-on-demand classes.

Join today for exclusive access to these BONUSES:

  • LIVE weekly sessions during December 2021
  • Lifetime* access to Waning Moon Detox


Time is running out to join this LIVE ROUND…









Align your life with the natural flow of the lunar cycle over the course of 4 weeks.

Each week you have access to:

+ a moon-phase specific workbook with journal questions, crystals + herbs to work with, tarot/oracle card questions, rituals & activities

+ lunar-aligned yoga flows

+ meditations to help you tune in to the energy of the moon cycle


Week 1: you will discover how to use the new moon energy to set your highest intentions & begin to take steps toward manifesting your goals. You’ll find clarity & purpose during this first week.

You’ll find your way from stuck & unclear to being IN FLOW + IN TUNE.


Week 2: as the lunar energy grows, you may find your own energy grows too. This week you’ll take inspired action towards manifesting your goals, and you’ll keep your energy flowing with active yoga flows.

Deepen your intuition, deepen your trust + faith in the Universe.


Week 3: the full moon allows you to let go, release and surrender to the power of the Universe. You’ll be guided through releasing your burdens in our guided meditation, and you’ll surrender to the Universe through a yin yoga session.

Discover that connection, magic & purpose you’ve been craving!


Week 4: the waning moon is a time for gratitude & self-care, as well as detoxing & decluttering. You’ll be guided through detoxing on a physical & metaphysical level so you can make room for your new moon intentions to grow.

Flow With The Moon

Over 4 weeks, you’ll receive hands-on information & tools so you can immerse yourself in the magick of the moon.

weekly meditations

weekly yoga flows

weekly rituals, lessons, guidance & workbooks

We’re starting on the new moon on Saturday 4th December 2021!


Join us now and prepare to flow with the energy of the moon…


You’ll receive IMMEDIATE access to these bonuses (worth over $100!):


+ Align Your Cycle ebookyour guide to your menstrual cycle & the lunar cycle

+ Moon Cycle Playbookyour daily ritual journal to guide you through the moon cycle

+ Waning Moon Detox – a 4 day mind, body & spirit cleanse

Inside Flow With The Moon


You’ll get access to:

weekly yoga sessions aligned with the moon phase

weekly guided meditations aligned with the lunar energy

specific information on each moon phase and how to work with this energy


weekly rituals to create magick with the moon & effectively utilize the moon’s energy


access to our private Facebook group so you can be part of our community, ask questions & connect with your moon sisters, plus access our WEEKLY LIVE sessions during December


BONUS CONTENT: Align Your Cycle ebook, Moon Cycle Playbook and Waning Moon Detox (over $100 value!)

LIFETIME ACCESS to the 4 week program so you can continue to flow with the moon cycle EVERY MONTH!

The Flow With The Moon Program is for you if…


– you want to create a consistent spiritual practice with yoga & meditation

– you have goals and intentions you want to manifest

– you want more time for self-care & doing the things you love

– you’re curious about syncing your own cycles to the lunar cycle

– you are committed to your own spiritual growth & you are ready to upgrade!

What's included?

All the tools you need AND MORE to connect with the moon cycle on a deep & meaningful level so you can create positive changes in the flow of your life!

Weekly online yoga sessions.

Weekly guided meditations.

Weekly moon rituals & guidance.

BONUS content including:

+ LIVE weekly sessions for support & accountability

+ Align Your Cycle ebook

+ Moon Cycle Playbook PDF

+ Waning Moon Detox

Plus connection within our private Facebook group. 

You’ll have lifetime access to all the content in this program, so you can continue to flow with the moon EVERY month!


Is the Flow With The Moon Program completely online?

Yes! Flow With The Moon is completely online and accessible on computer/smartphone/tablet, so you can connect from anywhere in the world and go through the program at your own pace.

What are the dates this program is running for?

This round of Flow With The Moon will begin on Saturday 4th December 2021, flowing through 4 weeks of the moon cycle. You will continue to be able to access the program content after this date.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes – refunds are available before the Flow With The Moon program begins on 4th December 2021. After the program begins, no refunds will be given.

I have questions - how can I find out more information?

Do you have more questions that haven’t been answered here?

Email me at with your enquiries.

Previewing what’s inside…

You’ll receive access to the growing library of moon-aligned yoga flows & meditations, plus rituals + lessons to inspire you!

About Kyra

About Kyra

Kyra is a spiritual teacher who helps you tune into your hidden powers so you can transform your life. She combines her skills as a herbalist, astrologer, tarot reader & yoga teacher to help you heal, evolve & manifest to your highest potential.

Kyra teaches intuitive energy reading through her online school, the Herbal Moon Goddess Academy. Kyra is also the author of Moon Manifesting, your guide to harnessing the power of the moon to manifest your deepest goals.

Kyra is a homeschooling mum of 4, living in rural New South Wales, Australia.