Did you know that Jupiter can guide you towards finding abundance + joy more easily? I love to think of Jupiter as an ABUNDANCE + HAPPINESS ATTRACTOR. Finding Jupiter on your natal chart and exploring what that means for you can guide you towards easily attracting abundance + happiness into your life, as well as understanding where Jupiter currently is & how that affects us collectively.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It’s like a big, happy magnet! Jupiter on your astrology chart signifies things like growth, expansion, joy, success, abundance, positivity and luck. Understanding where Jupiter is on your natal chart – the zodiac sign & house – can tell you a lot about how you can more easily attract abundance, happiness & luck into your life.

So pull up your chart (use astro.com and enter your birth details to find your chart) and find out which sign Jupiter falls in.

Here’s a brief interpretation for you:

Jupiter in Aries: you attract abundance by taking initiative, making the first move and being original.

Jupiter in Taurus: you attract abundance by grounding yourself, creating a practical plan, and finding the luxuries in life.

Jupiter in Gemini: you attract abundance by sharing with others, teaching or learning, and being social.

Jupiter in Cancer: you attract abundance by nurturing & caring for others, showing kindness, and creating comfort.

Jupiter in Leo: you attract abundance by showing enthusiasm, being confident & sharing generously.

Jupiter in Virgo: you attract abundance by being highly organised, paying attention to details, and being reliable + consistent.

Jupiter in Libra: you attract abundance by finding balance, asking for or giving support, and finding fairness + equality.

Jupiter in Scorpio: you attract abundance by using your intuition, transforming other’s abundance into your own (ie. inheriting, running your own business, winning prizes) and being strategic.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: you attract abundance by exploring the deeper meaning (your big WHY), educating yourself, and following your curiosity.

Jupiter in Capricorn: you attract abundance by creating a practical plan to achieve your long-term goals & being responsible.

Jupiter in Aquarius: you attract abundance by coming up with new, inventive solutions, being spontaneous, and thinking outside the box.

Jupiter in Pisces: you attract abundance by being creative, following your intuition & spirituality, and connecting to your higher purpose in life.

Jupiter takes approximately 1 year to move through each zodiac sign. On 19th December 2020, Jupiter is moving into Aquarius (and shortly after will be conjunct with Saturn – but that’s a whole other blog post!). What this means for 2021 is that collectively, we can find abundance, optimism & luck by tapping into the Aquarius energy of spontaneity & innovative thinking.

Of course, Jupiter is just ONE factor you can look at when determining how you can easily attract more abundance into your life. I go into much more depth in my Abundance Attraction Readings, looking at other points on your astrology chart and putting them into context.

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What does your Jupiter mean for you?

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