Moon Yoga Flow Classes

Saturdays 5pm

11:11 Yoga Studio, 277 Peel St, Tamworth NSW

Join Kyra each Saturday starting 5pm for an hour of gentle yoga, aligned with the moon phases.

You may notice your energy levels fluctuate in alignment with the moon cycles. When the moon is in the new moon phase, our energy levels are generally low. This is an ideal time for slow, gentle yoga practices.

As the moon’s energy increases during the waxing moon & full moon phases, you can expect your own physical energy levels to increase also. You’ll likely feel energized to work through a faster paced vinyasa or flow-style class.

Discover how to work with the moon’s phases with your yoga practice in these weekly classes.

Class Timetable

Saturday 1st May 5pm Waning Moon Slow Flow
– focus on grounding & the knees

Saturday 8th May 5pm Dark Moon Slow Flow
– a slow & healing flow with some long holds

Saturday 15th May 5pm Waxing Moon Flow
– a gentle flow class focusing on inner awareness & healing