Manifest with the moon…

all month long!

Do you love setting intentions on the new moon?

Do you feel the sacred power of the full moon?

You’re in the right place!

You’ve probably realised by now that you can manifest AMAZING things into your life by aligning with the lunar energies through the month.

Each month, the Moon Manifesting Journal guides you through the energy of the new moon, first quarter moon, full moon & last quarter moon so you can use this lunar energy to manifest your deepest dreams + desires.



+ Each new moon, you have the chance to get SUPER CLEAR on what you want to manifest into your life.

+ During the waxing moon, you take inspired action towards your goals.

+ At the full moon, you let go of what no longer needs to be in your life.

+ The waning moon gives you a chance to relax, reflect, go inwards & focus on self-care.

Take a look inside the Moon Manifesting Journal

Inside the Moon Manifesting Journal:

¬†Here’s what you’ll find:

Astrology forecast for the whole month

Find your personal monthly focus

Moon calendar for March & April 2021

Weekly pages for you to connect with each of the major phases of the moon

Card spreads for you to use with your tarot or oracle cards to get deeper insights into the moon’s energy

Journal questions for each moon phase

Rituals & ways for you to connect with the specific energy of the major moon phases

Get your month of manifesting guidance for only AU $16.99

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Aligned with the astrological season, you’ll find inspired guidance for the specific energies coming up over the coming weeks.


Inside the Aries Moon Manifesting Journal:


You’ll be taken on a 4 week journey to manifest your goals in alignment with the cosmic energy this Aries season.

It’s time for new beginnings! Heal, release & renew yourself…


+ connect & collaborate to manifest with the First Quarter Moon in Gemini (21st March 2021)

+ heal relationships with the Full Moon in Libra (28th/29th March 2021)

+ relax & rest deeply with the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn (4th April 2021)

+ sow seeds for the 6 months ahead with the New Moon in Aries (12th April 2021)


– let your ambition guide you with the Aries Moon Manifesting Journal –


Download the Aries Moon Manifesting Journal

  • Instant access to download & print the Aries Moon Manifesting Journal
  • Boost your manifesting success with weekly check-ins, aligned with the moon cycle
  • Journaling questions, card spreads, rituals, astrology forecast + more!

You’ll receive the Aries Moon Manifesting Journal as a 29 page PDF file, viewable on your computer, tablet or phone, or you can print at home.

all for just $16.99 $8.49 AUD