2021 Moon Planner WHOLESALE x 10




Do you have your own spiritual or magickal store? Purchase the wholesale pack of the 2021 Moon Planner to resell in your store! Contains 10 hardcover copies of the 2021 Moon Planner.

Align your life with the moon and watch the magick happen!

This planner will guide you through the lunar cycle plus other astrological events, day by day, so you can make the most of this magickal energy. Discover how to work in alignment with these cosmic shifts with the rituals, journal pages & wisdom in this book.

This planner guides you through the moon phase + sign for every single day of 2021. You’ll discover exactly when the moon is void of course (times when you should avoid scheduling important meetings or events), when planets go into retrograde, and when each of the sabbats occur (dates included for both Northern & Southern Hemispheres).

You’ll also be guided through intention setting, goal setting, and incorporating a bit of magick into your year.

Never miss a full moon, retrograde or sabbat again!

2021 will be truly magickal…

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Weight 5.8 kg
Dimensions 18 × 25 × 25 cm


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