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Each month you’ll be given new ways to perform your moon rituals, new journal questions, herb + crystal information, tarot spreads, and more – all specific to that month’s new + full moons.

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Want to know how the new moon in Gemini will affect you?

Find out how to harness the Gemini energy this new moon on 22nd/23rd May 2020.

The new moon is a time for setting intentions + new beginnings. The new moon in Gemini allows us to focus on our communications, becoming more flexible, and following our curiosities. You’ll align yourself with the Gemini energy through the journaling + rituals + tarot spreads in this playbook.

Inside the New Moon in Gemini playbook, you’ll find:

  • journal pages
  • intention setting page
  • tarot spreads
  • rituals for the new moon
  • Gemini correspondences
  • herb + crystal spotlight on parsley & serpentine
  • throat chakra activation
  • discover more about numerology & your ruling number
  • beautiful cover art by guest contributor Chris from Indigo Clay
  • and mooooore!

Feel inspired to explore your spirituality and align yourself with the moon cycle. Watch the magick happen when you are in alignment with nature!

PLEASE NOTE: this is a DOWNLOADABLE & PRINTABLE 39 page PDF ebook – you will not receive a physical product.

The Moon Playbooks are typically 30+ page PDF files, ready for you to download + print, or simply view from your device and record the journal questions in your journal.

You’ll receive the playbooks during the week before the new/full moon, so you’ll have time to prepare for your ritual + make the DIY recipes/projects!

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