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You know you are here to SHINE YOUR LIGHT – but you’re feeling stuck.

Your branding seems off.

Your marketing efforts aren’t bringing in sales.

You don’t have a clear plan for the future of your business.

You’re not sure whether to give up, or wait a bit longer…

I see, hear & feel you!

This is exactly why I created the Business Astrology Readings, so you can receive Divine guidance to raise the vibrations of your business in alignment with your purpose.

What to expect in your Business Astrology Package:

Inside your Business Astrology Package, you’ll receive:

+ Business Chart Reading: a written report including your soul-aligned branding colours, marketing suggestions, aligned offering ideas, ideal clients, and more

+ Audit of your website & one social media platform to help you improve engagement & sales conversions

+ An hour on Zoom with Kyra for further clarity, guidance & discussion on how to implement the energy of your astrology chart into your business

How it works

Select a time for your Zoom call

You’ll receive your business chart reading & audit as a PDF before your call

We meet on Zoom and I’ll discuss your charts and answer any questions you may have

Afterwards, you’ll receive a quick follow-up email

My Business Chart Reading from Herbal Moon Goddess blew my mind. It’s beautifully presented, but more than that, it’s absolutely full of phenomenally accurate and insightful information. Kyra has clearly and succinctly narrowed down and interpreted my business’ chart in a way that beautifully describes where my business currently stands, while offering new and valuable astrological interpretations into directions, growth, clients and more.
It’s hard to pick my favourite part of the reading – it’s definitely a mix of the Marketing section, and the Aligned Offerings section.
The Marketing information draws upon certain houses, signs and celestial bodies that identify my business’ look, style, and best methods of communication. This both clarified what I am already doing, and made suggestions for how to grow beyond what I am doing currently.
The Aligned Offerings section was a real treat I didn’t expect! Kyra has taken the busiest parts of my business’ chart and broken down what those planets, asteroids, and points all mean, in relation to their houses and signs, and what that even means for a business. This gave me a look into my business that I’d never considered, for example, my business’ chart has a lot of big placements in the 7th House of consultations and one-on-one work. While this has always been an area of interest for me, my business’ is primarily product based. This reading has inspired me to continue my studies, so that I can offer more services in the future. Pulling together all the parts of me and my business is tricky, and this part of my Business Chart Reading has just shown me that my intuition for my studies and business is all soul-aligned and on track. Who wouldn’t want that!
This reading didn’t end there, however! I also found the insights regarding my clients pain points and ways to solve them really interesting. I’ll confess that this isn’t something I’ve considered enough, so to have it written out on paper is a handy short cut! The Strategy section, and 12 Month Plan were also total invaluable and I will be using these to better plan my business strategy.
Coaching, mentoring, and astrology are all tools that have become valuable to my personal and business growth, and while not all of these are always super affordable, this Business Chart Reading definitely is. It provides insight and guidance, without the huge price tag, and will continue to be a handy and important tool for my business over the coming months. If you have in any way considered looking for outside support for your business, you can’t go wrong with a Business Chart Reading from Herbal Moon Goddess.
Sasha Andersson

Flinders Essential

Thank your for the business reading. It has affirmed my new direction and provided new strategies to market to the people I wish to serve. I’m feeling confident and inspired with the extra suggestions. Good value too. Save me time and money. Thank you lovely moon goddess.
Gabrielle Quigley

Quig's Design Studio

Why learn from Kyra?

Kyra Howearth is a spiritual teacher, yoga teacher, medical herbalist, tarot reader & astrologer, as well as a homeschooling mum of 4.

When she’s not teaching in the Herbal Moon Goddess Academy or delivering intuitive readings, you can find her foraging for mushrooms or playing Stardew Valley.

With a strong interest in running businesses, Kyra brings her intuitive guidance to create a strategic plan for your business to move forward.

If you’ve been lacking in clarity, or you need a trusted spiritual advisor for your business, Kyra will help you take action towards your greater destiny.

Business doesn’t have to be ordinary. Make it magickal ✨