Got questions?

I’ve got the answers for you!

In a tarot/astrology reading, you are free to ask what’s on your mind, and I’ll give you the answers from the tarot cards and/or your astrology chart.

What to expect in a reading:

We’ll meet on Zoom at your appointment time OR I’ll record your reading if you can’t attend live.

I’ll ask if there’s anything specific you want to know, or if you just need general guidance.

Then I’ll look at your astrology chart and/or pull some tarot cards to help you find the answers.

After our call, I’ll email you with a short follow-up.

I am amazed by the accuracy and the storytelling skill of your reading. I have met other readers who would just mechanically translate the superficial meaning of the cards. The way you translated was simply magical and everything resonated with me very well. I would love to start learning how to do this on my own from you. I can’t wait to join your classes to help others to receive their divine message from the universe.

Emi Muramatsu

Thank you Kyra for your beautiful reading.  Your calm, insightful and knowledgable presence is so valuable and appreciated, providing so much clarity, wisdom and vision. 


Kyra is amazing. She not only gives a great reading but she connects to you and you can feel her sincere and caring energy throughout. She definitely gave me clarity and put my mind and heart at ease. I would recommend connecting with her and I will be using her services again in the future. 


What questions can you answer with tarot & astrology?

Pretty much anything 😉

But the questions I LOVE to answer are about your greater purpose in life, your career, what you’re here to do in this lifetime, and what your future holds.

I also love helping you understand the energy of a current or future situation so you can make a decision.

We can also discuss relationships. Bring your partner’s birth details so we can compare your charts to determine compatibility!

My connection with Kyra was organic and gentle. I felt she really tuned into my energy and queries. I asked about career, surrounding energy and of course love.
I got so much more than expected with some interesting insights into the next few months.
Kyra’s time and energy is valuable my money was well spent. Look forward to another session in the near future.
Michelle Figares

Thank you so much Kyra for my incredible reading today. All I can say is Wow!! The info you gave me on my Astrology birth chart and through the tarot spread has been mind blowing. I am so inspired by our session and feel like I have so much clarity moving forward in life and business. xx

Melanie O'Brien