Work With Me

Get clear on your higher calling & what unique gifts you have to share with the world!

The Life Purpose Reading dives into your astrology chart, focusing on what you’re here to achieve as part of your collective & individual missions, what your unique strengths are, and what your ideal career is, so you can ALIGN YOURSELF with what you’re truly here to do! You also receive a tarot reading which gives further clarity to the astrology reading, plus you receive individualised journal questions so you can find more guidance from your Higher Self.

Find healing for your mind, body & spirit.

During your Holistic Healing Session, you’ll have 60 minutes with me to go deep into your health history, your current health concerns, and we’ll begin to create a healing plan so you can feel better.

I work with herbal medicine, yoga asana & pranayama, as well as metaphysical, energetic & spiritual healing.

Bring your dreams into reality & manifest your deepest desires.

These sessions are designed to help you create a practical strategy to MANIFEST magick into your life!

During your session, I can look at your astrology chart or do a tarot reading for further guidance on your manifesting goals, strategies & outcomes.

Are you ready to manifest?

Deeply immerse yourself in the healing powers of the full moon with a personalized reading.

In this 10+ page digital report, you’ll find a personalized full moon horoscope & tarot reading, so you can understand how this full moon energy will affect you.

You’ll also receive personalized journal questions so you can explore this full moon energy on a deeper level.